Amsterdam: 2 brothers arrested for selling fakes

In Amsterdam, FIOD (the Dutch tax authorities Law Enforcement department) has arrested 2 brothers (34 and 21 years old) for their role in the massive sales of counterfeit goods. While searching 2 storage locations, many counterfeit items (mainly clothing, shoes and luxury goods) were seized.

While searching 3 private (residential) premises, also counterfeit goods were found, as well as € 32.000,= in cash. The money was seized, as well as mobile phones and administration. Police and Customs were assisting FIOD during this action.

The raid was the result of information brought to FIOD by Interro Investigations after an extensive enquiry, in which the suspects were observed, test purhcases were made and the storage locations have been identified.


The subtitles in this video will be translated into English soon. Please apologize for the inconvenience yet.

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