Counterfeit shampoo-factory closed down in Spain

Shampoo factroy closed

In Cádiz, Spain, a 60 year old chemist has been arrested after police discovered an illegal shampoo factory close to Medina Sidonia, in the south of Spain.

With the 60 year old man, who’s nickname was ‘The Professor’, 6 men from various nationalities have been arrested as well. In the factory, loads of chemicals have been found, as well as packaging for Head & Shoulder shampoo. Police estimates some 200.000 bottles of counterfeit shampoo have been produced in this factory. Unknown is what ingredients were used, but alarming was the fact cans with raw materials were found, on which stickers were visible. The stickers were showing warnings, and thew advise to use surgical masks. The real composition of the counterfeit shampoo is subject to further investigations. In some bottles, signs of poison were found.

Authorities have reasons to believe this illegal factory has been causing serious issues with the local water treatment plant, which went down twice in the last years.

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