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Your name — and your brand — is valuable. It is what your customers recognize as your product or service. Our job is to protect your brand and to identify infringers.

I proudly serve multiple international brands in their strategy to fight counterfeit. As you know, counterfeit brings financial losses, but the reputation of your brand can be damaged as well. What about the risk for health and safety? It’s important to be pro-active in your anti-counterfeit strategy.

Various brand owners rely on the follow-up after seizures by Law Enforcement. In my opinion, Brand Protection isn't about 'reacting', but in identifying the root of the problem, and in putting effort in investigations on infringers. Counterfeit is to be beaten by a pro-active strategy. How? Meet Interro, your partner in pro-active approach of the counterfeit market.

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Counterfeit? Interro Investigations is your ultimate partner


During the years, I have achieved big successes in counterfeit investigations. For example: in co-operation with a U.K. based colleague, I identified the first illegal cigarette factory ever in The Netherlands (2005, Hengelo). Numerous raids and seizures by police and/or FIOD in the Netherlands are the result of investigations, performed by John Warrink and his team. There must be a reason why, for example, Nike is client of Interro for years already.

Clients of Interro Investigations are law firms, trade mark owners, brand owners and patent agents. My pro-active anti-counterfeiting strategy has been proven to be successful through the years. From identifying advertisers or sellers to arranging settlements with Cease and Desist letters, or liaising with authorities when needed: Interro Investigations is your business partner!

I perform investigative work for brand owners in fashion industry (clothing, footwear, accessories, apparel), tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, household, personal care and more. Removal of adverts from Marktplaats (an eBay daughter), Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is a first step. Test purchases (online and on site), surveillances, background searches and database searches are part of the work done, all in order to build the bigger picture on infringers. Together with excellent and reliable international colleagues intelligence is obtained. In many cases, Interro reports to Law Enforcement in order to get raids and seizures performed.

If you are interested in learning more about my unique, succesful and pro-active way of work, please don’t hesitate to contact me on +31 40 711 5353 or simply send me an email. I will be more than happy to take time to discuss all possibilities.

Interro is member of various organizations, among which INTA.

INTA - International Trademark Association

Some of our clients:

Nike - Interro namaakbestrijding
Carlink - Interro namaakbestrijding
Royaums - Interro namaakbestrijding
G-Star Raw - Interro namaakbestrijding
BALR - Interro namaakbestrijding

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