Fraud investigations

People who commit fraud are usually experts in deceiving companies, making their fraudulent acts difficult to detect for the untrained eye. When you suspect fraud, the professionals of Interro Investigations can help you determine whether or not your suspicions are correct.


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Our trained experts will help you to:

  • analyse the situation,
  • carry out surveillance,
  • identify the frauders,
  • determine the losses,
  • and gather the evidence you need.

We can also advise and assist you in any legal proceedings. If you are looking for a business partner in The Netherlands or surrounding European countries, who can assist you in various investigations and enquiries, please contact us. Our well experienced former police officers (at least 20 years experience in investigative work) have got the skills and contacts you need! Call us at +31 40 711 5353 or just send us an email!

Our office is situated close to Eindhoven Airport in Eindhoven, but we cover the whole country when it comes to investigative work. Cross-border investigations are common for us as well. We are multi-lingual (5 languages spoken).

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