Rotterdam: 27.153 Pairs of counterfeit footwear seized


In a Rotterdam warehouse 27.153 pairs of counterfeit footwear was seized by the police.

--- 07/12/2014

After performing enquiries for several months, police have been retrieving information on a group of companies, based in several countries in Europe, who were active in selling counterfeit goods, most footwear. Investigative work has been leading to the identification of people involved and to the location where goods were stored before they were sent out to ‘end customers’. In the 1st week of december 2014, this has been leading to a police seizure in Rotterdam, where in total 27.132 pairs of counterfeit sneakers were found. At the moment police went into the warehouse, a 40ft container was being unloaded from 12.000 pairs of counterfeit sneakers, and in the warehouse many other shoes were found as well.

All shoes have been seized by the police. 2 lorries were needed to transport all seized goods to a secure location. Further investigations will hopefully bring more information on people and companies involved.

---- 12-12-2014

After performing an intense investigation, Interro Investigations could hand over all results obtained to police and tax authorities.

Our investigations leaned that a number of international companies were involved in imposing and exporting footwear which was brought to market for prices which were below average market prices. After performing some surveillance work and deep (background) investigations, our investigators were convinced of the fact the offered goods were counterfeit.

An early morning raid in a Rotterdam warehouse, where at that time 2 containers were being unloaded, resulted in a seizure of 27.153 pairs of shoes. Police are now further investigating this matter in collaboration with foreign authorities, in order to get all the information they need to bring the responsible infringers to Court.

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