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Why Interro?

inte-ger (adjective, adverb) 1. honest, incorruptible

No one will say they are happy to need the help of a detective agency. No one. You only call a detective agency or a company investigator when you are a victim in an undesirable situation. You notice that within your company or organisation, things are not going well, and you suspect that there might be unethical staff in your organisation. You are the victim of a burglary, fraud or other crime and the police have too little time or capacity to deal with your report.

Interro Recherchediensten, based in Eindhoven but also with offices in Dongen and Vlaardingen, supports companies and lawyers in fraud investigations, particularly in the areas of Labor Law, Criminal Law and Intellectual Property Law ('Trademark Law'). For investigations into suspected (internal) fraud or other criminal matters, Interro is the right place to be. Interro has also been providing support to producers of television programs and documentaries for many years, with production companies and editors gratefully making use of our knowledge, insight and experience.

It is impossible to imagine our society without technology. Expertise is available within Interro Recherchediensten when it comes to advising on and installing camera systems, even when so-called 'hidden cameras' (covert camera surveillance) are required. In addition, Interro has the highest quality TSCM equipment. This allows our specialist to examine vehicles and spaces (offices, but also entire business premises) for the possible presence of e.g. listening devices. Read more about this specialty here.

When, as an entrepreneur, you are confronted with fraud, you often do not know where to start with your approach. Support from an experienced expert is more than welcome: it is precisely this experience and different perspectives that often provide the right insights and thus the solution to integrity issues.

What can Interro help you with?

Labour law

It can give you sleepless nights: who is responsible for this loss? What is causing my stock to disappear? Is someone making mistakes, or is there deliberate manipulation? Is that one employee really sick, or is my gut feeling correct?
Interro investigates these kinds of issues with an eye to all aspects.

Trademark law

Intellectual property law is a strong right. As the owner of a beautiful product and associated trademark, you do not want others to 'free ride' on your success. Interro is active in the field of anti-counterfeiting and serves, among others, the largest brands in the world. 


When you are a business owner or CEO dealing with sensitive information within your organization, you obviously do not want this information to fall into the hands of malicious parties. Not infrequently, companies become victims of eavesdropping. It's good to know that there are plenty of ways to check a business building, office space or vehicle for "stealth" bugging devices, cameras or tracking devices.


Criminal law

More and more often, we hear or read about undercapacity within the police force. Reports remain on the shelf, while as the injured party you would very much like to know who committed a burglary or fraud. You want to try and get your money or goods back.
I can assist you by doing an old-fashioned investigation. Not infrequently, investigation of Interro leads to identification of suspects and recovery of goods.


Both in front of and behind the scenes, John Warrink contributes to television productions. Programmes in the field of crime, for example, but also as support for the editorial team or for screening candidates, Interro is a good choice.

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