What is TSCM?

TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures. This is a specialized security field in which specialists work to identify and neutralize electronic eavesdropping devices. This can include bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras and other types of surveillance equipment that can be used to monitor or intercept communications.

TSCM is usually performed by a team of experts trained in the use of advanced equipment and techniques to detect and neutralize hidden eavesdropping devices. The process usually begins with a comprehensive inspection of the area under investigation, including all electronic devices, wiring and communications systems. Many investigations are conducted in boardrooms, but meeting rooms in hotels or other locations have also been examined by our specialists.

During the inspection, the TSCM team will use a variety of tools to detect the presence of any hidden devices, such as radio frequency detectors, spectrum analyzers and thermal cameras. They may also conduct physical inspections of the area to look for hidden cameras or other surveillance equipment that may be difficult to detect using electronic tools.

Once any surveillance devices are identified, the TSCM team will work to neutralize or remove them while ensuring that any evidence that may be used in court proceedings is preserved.

TSCM is often used by companies, government agencies and individuals who need high-level security, especially in situations where sensitive information is discussed or transmitted. It is an essential tool for protection against corporate espionage, data theft and other types of security threats.

Our specialists can also examine vehicles for the presence of (for example) unwanted tracking devices , listening devices or other electronic equipment.

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