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You are the owner of a trademark, I see it as a challenge to protect this trademark together with you! For combating counterfeiting, you are in good hands at Interro Recherchediensten! Interro Recherchediensten has a pro-active working method for tracing and identifying traders in brand counterfeit goods. I am proud of my relationship with world famous brands, who all trust (and benefit!) from the approach of Interro.

The market is scanned (physically and on the Internet) for suppliers of possible counterfeit goods. Interro removes ads from Marktplaats, Facebook, Instagram or other websites or platforms. Test purchases and observations are made, and a file is built up. The moment there is a clear picture of the seller(s), and preferably of the stocks, it is time for the actual approach, including the care of so-called abstinence declarations, but it also happens that I deliver my reports to the investigative authorities such as FIOD or police. Combating counterfeiting in optima forma. These pro-active methods have enabled Interro to convince and keep satisfied a large number of clients operating worldwide. Brand owners in the fashion (clothing, shoes, accessories), automotive, pharmaceutical, tobacco, household goods, toys, electronics and personal care sectors rely on the knowledge and thoroughness of Interro Recherchediensten.

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