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In recent years, the capacity of the police has not improved for entrepreneurial Netherlands. Organised crime requires more and more effort from the police, so that, for example, theft or burglary from or at companies are low priorities. Reports end up on the proverbial shelf, often never to be heard of again. Of course, this does not mean that you, as a business owner who has been duped by a burglary, should resign yourself to the fact that your goods have disappeared. It is absolutely recommended to have an investigation carried out by a professional and skilled investigator.

In my detective agency, I have seen a systematic increase in the number of assignments in the area of business burglary for a number of years. In a large number of investigations, I have succeeded in identifying suspects and recovering stolen goods. Often, my investigation report has been accepted by the police and then used as a stepping stone to the final phase of the investigation, where suspects are called to account. I have also been able to create several red-handed situations where suspects could be arrested during or shortly after a burglary.

Are you a victim of theft or burglary? Feel free to call me to discuss it, maybe I can do something for you!

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