The Internet is a veritable playground for criminals. By assuming false identities or misusing other people's data, swindlers regularly get their money's worth. After years of collaboration with the television programme Opgelicht!? I will continue to investigate fraudsters, even now that the programme has disappeared from the airwaves. Have you, as an entrepreneur, been swindled and do you want to know who did this to you? I would like to meet you and discuss the possibilities and impossibilities of an investigation.

After all, not every new customer is of a good mind. Some are really only after your money or goods. If you discover that payment for an order is not forthcoming or that your webshop is the victim of malicious intent, it is advisable to have a professional look into these matters. Even when the police are unresponsive, there are possibilities to identify the responsible parties and to call them to account, in some cases even resulting in the recovery of the stolen or embezzled goods.
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