Camera surveillance

If you are in need of purchasing a new (or replacing an existing) camera system at your business premises or home, it is wise to seek good advice. The AliBaba sets are very attractively priced, with like the sets occasionally found on the shelves at the cheaper supermarkets in our country. However, there is a reason why these sets are so attractively priced: quality. Simple as that.

Our technical specialist looks closely at the situation at your building and gives you honest advice about the possibilities and impossibilities. Because we have short lines in the procurement of our equipment and camera surveillance is not our core business, we can install systems at a very attractive price. We make no concessions to quality: if there is an incident, we want you to be happy that you have chosen the right system because you can secure razor-sharp and usable images.

Example of razor-sharp camera footage secured after theft of bicycles from a garage.

You have also come to the right place for covert camera surveillance at Interro . As part of investigations, we make use of hidden cameras when appropriate (and when it is permitted). When we use this investigative method, we must be confident that the collected images are of high quality: after all, they may form the decisive evidence in an investigation file. Are goods (or money) disappearing from your premises, and you can't put your finger on it? Then covert camera surveillance can offer a solution.

Questions about camera surveillance? Contact us, our specialist will be happy to answer your questions!

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