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For investigations in various areas of law, Interro Criminal Investigation Services is the right partner. Finding the truth, that's what it's all about in the investigations Interro conducts for its clients. Whether it concerns (suspicions of) internal theft or wrongful absenteeism (internal fraud at companies), infringement of intellectual property rights ('counterfeiting'), burglary or theft from your company, cases where companies are victims of fraud by third parties or other cases for which the police do not have time or do not give priority, but which do have an impact on the company, its personnel and its business operations or (editorial) support for television programs and documentaries. Interro is also a partner for technical support (also for colleague detective agencies). The installation of hidden cameras is common use at our specialist, our video observation vehicle is regularly used by ourselves and by fellow investigators. Our inconspicuous car equipped with, among other things, a 360° camera with ultra-zoom range is of added value in many situations.

Labour law

It can give you sleepless nights: who is responsible for this loss? What is causing my stock to disappear? Is someone making mistakes, or is there deliberate manipulation?

Is that one employee really sick, or is my gut feeling right after all?

Interro examines such issues with an eye for all aspects, including the human.

Trademark law

You offer a good and reliable product. Your customers recognise this brand and appreciate it. Naturally, you don't want other parties to hitch a ride on your success. Unfortunately, however, there is a serious risk that your products will be counterfeited and offered at much lower prices. Counterfeiting is one of the most underestimated forms of undermining.

Whether it is clothes, household goods or products from the automotive industry: if it is made, it is also counterfeited. The sale of counterfeit branded goods is almost an economy in its own right, dealing with hundreds of millions each year. Apart from the damage to the brand owners, the 'regular economy' also suffers considerable damage. Interro has been investigating the trade in counterfeit goods for the world's biggest brands for years.

Several training sessions and (international) meetings are held each year to keep the knowledge and network up to date. Indispensable if you want to fight effectively against the counterfeit trade.

We strive to offer our work to our clients on a budget-neutral basis. By also following up after a seller (and the stock) has been identified, we succeed in collecting damages in the majority of cases, which provide financial compensation for the research costs and other losses incurred.

Criminal law

The police in the Netherlands have their hands full fighting crime, and fighting so-called organised crime consumes a large part of the police capacity. Because of this prioritisation, many crime reports remain untouched, and after some time disappear into the proverbial drawer.

In recent years, several large, international scam cases have been successfully investigated. We identified individuals suspected of extortion (pressuring them to make payments, for example, and thereby preventing compromising videos or photos from being shared) and solved a large number of burglaries for our clients.


Whether it is background research for productions ('editorial support'), observations or screening candidates for reality programmes: Interro is your ideal discussion partner.

For over 15 years Interro Recherchediensten has been a welcome guest at a large number of production companies in the Netherlands. At programs such as AVROTROS Opgelicht?!, Internet bullies tackled, Gestalkt!, Dream School and Expedition Robinson they knew or know what it is to work with Interro . The fact that John's phone number is known to many production companies and media professionals says it all. Every year his contribution is requested.

In 2021, John Warrink was allowed to collaborate with Concept Street on the production of a documentary about Jomanda, to be shown on Discovery+. Together with Tineke de Nooy, John visited Jomanda in Canada....

For several years, John had the privilege of working with Peter R. de Vries, a great inspiration. Many crooks and other criminals were unmasked during this work.


You are an entrepreneur and you work hard. You expect commitment, loyalty and honesty from your employees. But nevertheless.....together goods disappear. Or money. Money that you need to keep your business running. Who has their fingers on your money?

If it is really necessary and regulations allow it, hidden cameras(also known as"covert camera surveillance ") can be a way to find out who is responsible for missing and lost property.


In your company or organization, highly confidential discussions are held. Strategic plans are discussed and developed. If everything goes as you hope, your company will create an enormous competitive advantage. But then, what is discussed must be kept indoors!

It is nice to know that there are specialists who can use the most advanced equipment to check cars, office spaces, even entire buildings for the possible presence of listening devices, tracking systems or cameras. TSCM is one of the specialties of Interro. Our specialist has mastered sweeping to perfection. The most prominent international companies at home and abroad, but also important public institutions have already used the TSCM services of Interro. Just to make sure that what should be confidential really remains confidential.


As an employer, you are looking for a way to track your company vehicles or cargo to be shipped. If only there were a GPS beacon in the shape of, say, an orange. One of those that doesn't stand out at all among the citrus fruits.
We have good news for you: our specialist can help. Even if you want an "ordinary" beacon, by the way.

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