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Interro Recherchediensten owns a well-equipped observation vehicle. Various cameras built into this vehicle make it possible to collect visual material during observations. The image quality is of a high level, so that

these images can also be edited very well in reports or items. Naturally, static or dynamic observations (following people) can also be carried out from this vehicle.

For dynamic observations, I make use of experienced observers who have often won their spurs in the observation teams of the police or FIOD, but who are now working in the private sector. Observation is more than 'shadowing someone for a day' or 'chasing them'. Observation is a profession, and not everyone masters it equally well. Observation is teamwork, and the art, of course, is to collect and record as much evidence as possible without being seen (discovered) yourself.

If you would like to use good observers or my fully equipped observation vehicle for a TV programme or item, please contact me. I will be happy to discuss the possibilities and rates!

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