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Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach a solution under civil law in all cases, and some issues are simply not suitable for civil-law settlement. In such cases, it is good to know that John Warrink has short lines of communication with the investigative authorities in the Netherlands and even abroad. Reporting an infringer and providing evidence is a much sought-after service. For almost all clients (trademark owners) Interro regularly files reports with the police and/or the FIOD.

It happens very regularly that sharing the information collected by Interro leads to the police or the FIOD taking action and to large quantities of counterfeit goods being taken off the market.

In the past, investigations by Interro have led to the seizure of, for example, 27 million cigarettes, 20,000 kilos of washing powder, 80 pallets of baby wipes of a well-known brand, 76,000 bottles of counterfeit shampoo and much more.

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