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What can Interro help you with?

The police in the Netherlands have their hands full fighting crime, and fighting so-called organised crime consumes a large part of the police capacity. Because of this prioritisation, many crime reports remain untouched, and after some time disappear into the proverbial drawer.

As an entrepreneur, you will just have to be the victim of fraud, burglary or some other crime and then experience that your case gets no attention. There are leads, and you would still like to know who is after your company and your goods. There is no point in doing the research yourself, because investigating is not something you do on the spur of the moment. Besides, your company needs you, and you need all your time and energy to keep your company running.

It is good to know that you can call in the help of Interro Recherchediensten. The combination of years of police experience and even longer experience in private investigation work ensures an analytical view, insight in facts and circumstances and a sharp eye for details. By using investigative experience in the right way and by giving sufficient attention to files, I have been able to solve many criminal offences in recent years. My reports have often been adopted one-to-one by the police in official reports and have thus ended up in the courts in the Netherlands.

Over a cup of coffee, I will be happy to tell you about the possibilities, but also about the impossibilities.

Theft - burglary

In recent years, the capacity of the police has not improved for entrepreneurial Netherlands. Organised crime requires more and more effort from the police, so that, for example, theft or burglary from or at companies are low priorities. Reports end up on the proverbial shelf, often never to be heard of again. Of course, this does not mean that you, as a business owner who has been duped by a burglary, should resign yourself to the fact that your goods have disappeared. It is absolutely recommended to have an investigation carried out by a professional and skilled investigator.


The Internet is a veritable playground for criminals. By assuming false identities or misusing other people's data, fraudsters regularly get their money's worth.

Just imagine being conned by a rogue web shop, or by someone who wants to place a large order with your company. If your gut tells you (or worse, if you have proof) that things are not right, Interro can help you identify the people involved.

Embezzlement of goods or vehicles

I have worked on several cases for leasing companies or car rental companies, for example, in order to recover embezzled passenger cars or company cars and to secure them or have them secured.
My clients have had me travel to the Ukraine to retrieve an embezzled car, but I also found an extremely expensive car in Italy.

I have also conducted investigations into the misappropriation of goods for companies in other sectors.

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