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Are your confidential discussions actually confidential?

Confidentiality is a big deal. Your business meetings do not have to be followed by everyone. Sometimes you discuss matters that still need to remain indoors, even if only for strategic or commercial reasons. Apart from that: nobody wants to be bugged. The specialists at Interro are trained and particularly dedicated to detecting unwanted equipment, whether it be listening devices, hidden cameras or GPS tracking devices. With the most advanced equipment available, your vehicles and/or premises will be searched.

There may be countless applications for eavesdropping. Telephones and other devices can very easily be converted to eavesdropping devices. But public places where sensitive conversations take place, such as the smokehouse, coffee machine or buildings with a "line of sight" should also be monitored. In addition, equipment can be ideally placed above ceiling tiles, lights or in ventilation systems.

Sweeping rooms and vehicles is work for specialists. No Alibaba devices, and no quick checks. Good work takes time, and that is especially true of checks for unwanted equipment.

What is controlled?

Furniture, rugs, portable appliances, walls, window frames, etc., etc., must all be checked for hidden devices. As a result, sweeping can be very intensive. We may have to thoroughly check your secretary's desk phone or the printer that everyone uses. That means it cannot be used for a while then.

So-called "endpoints," all devices on a network, must also be monitored. For example, your employee may, unknowingly, have inadvertently installed spyware that allows his or her computer to be monitored or even taken over by another person remotely. Perhaps your phone is infected allowing a malicious party to use your microphone or camera at a time when you are in a confidential meeting.

How does such a trajectory work?

The sweeping of vehicles and/or areas is always done by two people to ensure quality. It may also happen to you that you are looking for an item and cannot find it when it turns out to be right in front of your nose. Our experts are of course trained for this and it does not happen to them: they find everything. But because of the sensitive and serious nature of this service, we want to put safeguards even against this, which is why we always come with two trained specialists.

Perhaps your property in the Netherlands is not the only property you want sweeping. Interro Re cherche services has an international network of TSCM specialists working closely together to secure you and your assets around the world. At least our experts are available throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our experts visit your location by mutual agreement and proceed methodically according to the plan that has been drawn up. This takes into account the limits you have indicated and any wishes you may have.

The process begins with a comprehensive intake. We can't "just walk into" your office, run a device past your desk, walls, flower pots and pen holder and be done. We first meet with you to get a picture of the situation and determine what is needed in your specific situation.

We also try to identify which person or entity is probably spying on you and do a comprehensive screening. That way we know better what to expect.

After the intake and screening, we determine what is needed and draw up the agreement. After signing, we make an appointment to come and perform the TSCM activities. Depending on the object, this can take from one day to several days.

Need camera surveillance?

Camera surveillance has become an integral part of our everyday society. A conservative estimate is that about6% of Dutch homes are now equipped with a smart doorbell (you know, one of those bells with a camera), and there are not many streets in larger cities where there is not a single surveillance camera.

Yet there is still a need for new camera systems. This may be because a new resident wants to create a sense of security around a home, but also because camera systems age relatively quickly. Images like the one to the left of this text block do not really appeal to the imagination when someone is looking for actionable evidence of, say, a criminal act.

Our specialist can give you detailed advice on camera systems, how to view and store these images over the Internet and more.

You can also turn to Interro for hidden cameras (covert camera surveillance, usually in the workplace). Our technical specialist supports many fellow detective agencies in the Netherlands with the installation of hidden cameras. Before there can be covert camera surveillance, it must be determined whether some important conditions from the AVG and the Privacy Code of Conduct for Private Investigators are met. One of those conditions is the existence of a camera protocol.

Our video car

Interro has at its disposal an inconspicuous video vehicle. This passenger vehicle is fully equipped with high-quality equipment that makes it possible to conduct video surveillance even in more difficult-to-reach locations. The camera images can be stored in the cloud, it is even possible to watch the cameras remotely in real time.

The video car is of course used in our own investigations, but can also be rented by fellow investigators. Many a colleague has already used our vehicle in investigations into residential fraud, for example.

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