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Interro Recherchediensten B.V. is aware of the careful handling of your personal data. Your personal data will therefore be carefully processed and secured. The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is leading in this matter. Interro Recherchediensten B.V. has drawn up a so-called 'privacy statement', in which you can read which data is stored and processed by Interro Recherchediensten B.V., in what way this is done, and how you can obtain more information. Read the privacy statement here: Privacy Statement Interro Recherchediensten B.V.

During investigations, Interro Recherchediensten may inquire at other natural or legal persons about the presence of personal data, including video surveillance images, for example. The sharing (exchange) of personal data is considered processing of personal data. This is in principle prohibited, but under certain circumstances nevertheless permitted. The Personal Data Authority has determined that there must be a basis, the protection of a legitimate interest ('a very good reason') is one of these bases. If a basis is present, there are still additional standards that must be followed. You can read what the legal basis is on this page from the Dutch Data Protection Authority .

A major misunderstanding is that only the police are allowed to request information (such as camera images). In the event of fraud, swindling or other unlawful acts, one can and may process personal data in most cases, ÓK if it concerns the interests of a third party.

EXAMPLE: A company has been burgled, and Interro Recherchediensten is investigating this burglary. The premises of the injured party's neighbours (the client) have security cameras, and there is a good chance that the persons who committed the burglary are captured on these camera images. The 'neighbour' can and may share these camera images with Interro Recherchediensten, PROVIDED THAT conditions (such as, for example, a proper definition of the responsibilities and obligations regarding the processing of these camera images by Interro) are met.

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