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When an employment contract is terminated, a non-competition or non-solicitation clause is often agreed. After all, as an entrepreneur, you do not want a departing staff member to plunder your business relations file.

More often than many people think, these agreements are subsequently flouted. Investigations have shown that the people involved too often thought that the agreements made did not apply to them, and that they could maintain contact with relations of their former employer without being noticed or punished. By carrying out observations, for example, visits to these relations could be recorded and reported.

Unfortunately, it can be even worse: even within an employment relationship, staff members of clients carry out competitive work. The 'shop within a shop' is not a strange phenomenon: staff members offer their own services in the evenings or at weekends, naturally at a reasonable rate for the client.

Whenever there are suspicions of breach of the non-competition or non-solicitation clause or of other competitive activities by your own staff, it can never do you harm to have a specialist look into it. Sometimes, a simple investigation into open sources is enough to get more clarity. Feel free to call or e-mail for more information.

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